Hearts of Stone

Interlude 1: The Caravan

Things are relatively quiet for the ten days it takes to get from Old Town to Concord. Dave is approached just outside Old Town by another drow on a spider, who talks with her for a while then leaves, taking Chitter Chitter Fang Fang with her. Dave skips happily up to the caravan and joins the rest of the party.

Meanwhile, Hayes has a letter written in draconic. Soreth offers to translate it – for a price. A stranger none of the party can remember in a hat and cloak offers to translate it, explaining that he is a scholar of sorts.

After a brief stopover at Twisp, a small herd of a couple of dozen sheep starts to follow the caravan. Safety in numbers, no doubt. The halfling shepherds display an interest in X7-09, but then he is fairly unusual.

Dave spends the trip helping out and doing odd jobs, and makes a point of befriending the guards. In the evenings she sits with Hayes, discussing a book with him. X7-09 begins keeping a journal of his travels, and can be seen flipping backwards and forwards through it, reviewing previous days' entries.

Ssh'ta gives his heavy cloak to Dave, and acts as a night watchman for the caravan throughout the journey. The caravan master is pleased with this as elves have night vision.

Episode 5: The Tomb of Iskelet

Having disposed of the drow and their spiders in one way or another, the group conducts a thorough search of the complex.

Ssh'ta begins playing his flute softly, and wanders into one of the "spider stables" where he finds a cluster of four webbed bodies. These turn out to be local peasants – charcoal burners and the like – lacking both treasure and interest, so he leaves them be. The Fox discovers one holdout spider, which webs him, but Dave kills it outright with a well-placed arrow. X7-09 ransacks the drow bunkroom, finding socks (which Dave appropriates), a few silver pieces, some soap – the sort of thing you might take with you on a short camping trip. Kowalski loots what they have taken to calling the "officer's quarters", finding one blank notebook (which he will later give to Dave, who will later still give it back) and another book written in elvish script, which he does not read (and which Dave will acquire later). X7-09 enters the evil shrine, where he finds a dwarf-made axe whose blade is buried in the stone altar. He pries it loose and wanders up to join Hayes, who is still in conversation with the king skeleton, Iskelet. Hayes berates him for bringing the axe, and orders him to put it back; he attempts to do so, but snaps the haft – as no-one sees this, he puts it carefully down on the altar and walks off. Except for Kowalski, the party regroups in the entrance chamber and readies themselves to leave. Kowalski can be seen approaching the king skeleton and engaging it in conversation, but he is too far away and speaking too low for anyone to catch what is said.

Outside, it is raining again. Dave collects up some bedclothes as improvised protection for Casila, whose court finery is not holding up well under the night's events. Hayes donates some clothing and leather armour he liberated from dead drow earlier. And they set off back to the inn, mindful that it is nearly midnight and they have a caravan to catch in the morning.

They are walking back through the woods when they discover they have a stranger in their midst, a well-dressed man wearing a fox mask and two rapiers. He begins to glow, and those nearest to him – Dave, Ssh'ta and Chitter Chitter Fang Fang the drow riding spider – find themselves reliving their worst memories. Chitter webs this stranger while Ssh'ta shoots an arrow at him; he falls, apparently unconscious and paralysed, and Dave takes advantage of this to set fire to him. However, freshly-exuded and sticky spiderweb does not burn well. Chitter is not the most introspective of creatures, and picks up the body to eat later. In the absence of further orders, she takes up residence in a nearby tree. Dave stands watching.

Ssh'ta, stung by who knows what vile reverie, runs off into the forest. Hayes feels no loyalty to anyone in the party, and stomps off towards the caravanserai, using a smouldering turnip to light the way. X7-09 follows, and after a short hesitation, so does Soreth. Dave doesn't fancy the idea of a night alone in the woods, so cajoles Chitter down out of her tree, and they pick up the trail as well, Chitter carrying the webbed and unconscious stranger. Back at the inn, they settle in for the night, Dave and Chitter in the stables (the latter scaring the horses more than somewhat), the stranger webbed to the ceiling, and everyone else in their rooms.

Comes the dawn, and everyone is awoken by the bustle of a merchant caravan getting ready to depart. Late arrivals have brought packages; Ssh'ta leaps down from the roof (where he has spent the night after tracking the party back here) and takes possession of an adorable wolf cub, sent to him as a present by a so-far secret admirer. Hayes takes possession of a letter from the Archmage addressed to "the Fox"; this proves to be written in Draconic, and Soreth offers to translate later. The looted weapons are sold to an arms merchant in the caravan.

Meanwhile, the webbed stranger in the stables calls: "I am Alron Stormwatcher, nobleman of the Dragon Empire and agent of the Archmage! I demand that you get me down from here!" The stable boy flees, and returns shortly with three caravan guards. These decide that fighting a giant spider hand-to-hand for possession of a nobleman is not in their job description, but brighten when they realise they can get bows and shoot the blighter from safety. Dave orders the spider to lower Alron to the ground, where he is quickly cut free. A debate ensues over whether Dave and Chitter can join the convoy – on the one hand, Dave is a drow, and nobody really trusts drow, their spiders even less so. On the other, Dave does have a valid ticket.

Hayes resolves the problem by playing dice with the guards, staking Dave's right to follow the caravan at a distance against their meagre coinage. He wins, and Dave and Chitter are granted permission to follow at a distance, while Hayes pockets the two silver the guards had between them. Hayes demands as payment the book in elvish from Dave, who currently has it; she declines to hand it over.

Alron, AKA the Fox, soon learns that there was a letter for him from the Archmage, but not where it is currently. And in this state, the caravan sets off; it's two days across open country to Twisp, and then eight days to Concord, the first four through wooded hills. If there's any trouble en route, that's where it'll be.

Episode 4: Dragonbreath

New readers begin here…

The party has pursued the drow who kidnapped their companion, Casila, to an old tomb complex. As they hack their way through the inhabitants, the drow leader teleports away with Casila, unfortunately landing just outside the entrance where she is shot by Ssh'ta and shield-bashed prone by Hayes Agar. Dave pulls Casila free of the dogpile, but the drow grabs Casila's ankle…

Now read on…

The drow patrol leader teleports away with Casila, and Hayes collapses into the mud, cursing. Kowalski hacks at the spider in front of him as more spiders the size of horses erupt from the southern passage into the entrance chamber; his target is shaken. Hayes leaps up and slides under the abdomens of two giant spiders blocking his way deeper into the complex, rolls to his feet, and charges into the guardroom, using the bench where the drow were sitting to launch himself into the air. Dave the dark elf drops another spider with a well-place arrow. X7-09 swipes at a spider, misses, and the two chitter at each other, presumably exchanging insults. The Fox runs back across the hall of skeletons and stabs the remaining spider in that area, inflicting prodigious amounts of damage on it.

A hitherto-unseen spider barrels out of the south passage from the entrance hall and barges past everyone there, moving at top speed towards the injured drow. Ssh'ta repeats Hayes' manoeuvre coming from the other direction, ending up outside the complex, and shoots at the drow leader's spider; his arrow is deflecting by thick chitin and does nothing. The drow swings herself onto its back as arrows from Ssh'ta and Dave fly around her, and the pair scuttle off into the forest out of sight. Casila runs back towards Dave, as she has no idea what else is out there in the dark, and she knows both the elves can see in the dark.

X7-09 misses his spider again, and it returns the favour with its web attack - this is probably because Ssh'ta is barging past it at the time. Soreth tries to bite the throat out of one of the two spiders in melee with her, but fails – possibly because they don't really have throats. Ssh'ta shoots a spider but fails to hurt it. A spider lands an impressive bite on Soreth, but its poisonous fangs fail to penetrate her armour and scaly skin.

X7-09 misses his spider yet again and chitters at it. It sits, then shakes its head, to the bemusement of the rest of the party – at least, those who can see what is going on. Inspired by this, Dave shouts "Sit!" in drow at the spiders, and some of them do so. Soreth misses her spider again as well, or more accurately fails to penetrate the thick chitin with her claws. Kowalski taunts his opponent (by gesture) so well that it rocks back on its legs, bemused. The two spiders facing Soreth miss her, one with a web and one with a bite, and Ssh'ta takes advantage of this to race up behind one and punch it, killing it.

X7-09 makes soothing noises at his spider – then brains it with a surprise axe attack. Soreth loses patience with her lack of progress, and it is at this point the party learns she has a breath weapon, as she breathes fire at the spider she has been trying to hit for ages. The spider dodges aside, leaving the burst of fire barreling out of the entrance room – fortunately, there are no walls to block its path and reflect it back at Soreth. The danger zone contains X7-09, who has just produced his pet chamaeleon, Pascal, and offered it some choice morsels of spider; Dave the dark elf, who is playing happily with her new spider friend; and Kowalski. All of them dodge aside, as does Casila – who is actually outside the danger zone, but doesn't know that and doesn't want to find out where it is the hard way.

Kowalski moves over to Casila and says "So ye're what all the fuss is aboot, are ye?"

Back inside, the Fox and Hayes note that the skeletons' shields are emblazoned with the sigil of the Lich King, and that they keep looking at the backs of their shields. The Fox sidles up next to one and finds writing on the backs of the shields, which he doesn't understand. Hayes is charging through the hall of skeletons at full tilt, glancing into the exits as he passes them. Along the north wall he spies a bunkroom, a storeroom and a room with a fountain in it; on the south, what looks like a private room at an inn, a blood-spattered room containing a pit full of bones, bodies, and giant spiders; and a red-lit room containing some sort of dark idol. The Fox notes that the skeletons are all human, equipped in the fashion of some five centuries previously.

"Why is this tomb so well-lit?" muses Hayes. "More importantly, why has it got a drow outpost inside it – one the skeletons tolerate?"

Hayes slows to a halt at the end of the hall, where he can see a crowned skeletal figure on a throne, in ancient chainmail with a longsword across its lap. It inclines its head at Hayes, who is smiling and approaching in a non-threatening manner, and beckons him closer. Hayes warns the others not to approach, and the Fox mentally adds this warning to the screams and explosion noises coming from near the entrance, and charges dramatically back towards the guardroom, where Soreth and the spiders (good name for a rock band, that) are still flailing ineffectually at each other. Kowalski walks in from the entrance hall and calls: "D'ye want some help wi' that, Red?"

"No!" calls the dragonborn. "I've got this!" Soreth misses again, and the Fox charges onto the scene yelling "For the archmage!" and killing the larger spider, missing it once with a rapier but connecting fatally with the second stab.

Outside, Dave asks his new pet spider if it would like to be called "Chitter Chitter Fang Fang", and takes its movements as an affirmative. He feeds it some choice pieces of dead spider, that being what there is to hand.

"Hey," says the Fox, to no-one in particular, "There's a statue back there that looks just like Kowalski."

Meanwhile, deep inside the tomb, Hayes and the skeleton king, whose name turns out to be Iskelet, are deep in conversation…

Episode 3: Tomb Raiders

The story so far… Meeting in an inn the night before travelling to Concord, the party drives off an attack by drow, only to find it was a decoy allowing their travelling companion Casila to be kidnapped. Learning that the drow based themselves in a nearby tomb, the party follows, overrunning the drow pickets and pushing on in search of the missing girl…

Now, read on…

It has been raining softly but steadily for some time, although it stopped briefly during the fight. Ssh'ta begins playing his flute softly, as he does when not otherwise engaged.

It starts raining again, and the Fox releases his borrowed horse, Susan, to return to the caravanserai and his rightful owner. "Dave" the dark elf tries to dance off with Susan, but Susan is having none of it and canters off into the dark.

The party quickly enters the tomb, and X7-09 hears quiet voices from up ahead. The party is debating whether stealth or outright assault is the better approach when several factors make the decision for them. First, the Fox surges forward, loudly crying "For the Archmage!"; second, Ssh'ta plays his flute with renewed vigour, reflecting the combat he expects is about to start; and third, Hayes moves across the entrance chamber and into the next room. This proves to be a guardroom where four drow are playing dice, with a dog-sized spider dozing near the table. Hayes shield-bashes the nearest drow into oblivion, throws her corpse aside and sits down in her place. "Good evening," he says.

While the drow are still stunned by this, X7-09 follows its master inside and lays about it with an axe, killing the dozing spider. Ssh'ta walks up and punches another drow, shaking her. The Fox is now getting into the swing of things, and with a yell of "For the Dragon Empire and the Archmage!" he runs, flips and rolls acrobatically across the pile of crates and barrels along the right-hand side of the room, where he taunts a third drow before running her through with his rapier.

X7-09 chitters at the Fox. Kowalski resolves to learn spidertalk so that he understands what X7-09 is saying. Meanwhile, "Dave" the dark elf is dancing and beatboxing in the entrance chamber, a little dejectedly as no-one is dancing with her. Ssh'ta moves over to one side, and Soreth the dragonborn charges in after him, grabbing the drow he punched earlier and slamming her into the table before trying to bite her throat out. "Dave" raps "Move bitch, get out of the way," and Soreth glares at him. Hayes suddenly has a turnip in his hand and tries using it to gouge out the eye of the drow sitting opposite him, who is so far untouched. Sadly, turnips are not the weapon of choice for this strategy, and no serious damage is done.

It is at approximately this point that the party learns the importance of checking the side passages before you advance, since both the other passages out of the entrance chamber now fill up with a flood of spiders, ranging in size from "dog" to "warhorse".

"Hey 7," says Kowalski, "How do you say 'the better-tasting one is in there' in spider?"

"CHITTER cit cit HIIIISSSSSSS," replies X7-09.

"Hmm," says Kowalski, "Isn't that how you say 'Please eat me, I'm the tastiest?'"

By now, Kowalski and Dave are surround by giant spiders, who are slashing and biting at them with abandon, shaking Dave. Meanwhile, in the guard room next door, the Fox finishes off his opponent. The surviving drow, having seen these murderhobos kill three of her friends and their pet spider in as many seconds, decides she doesn't like these odds and flees deeper into the tomb, calling something in drow. The Fox pursues at best speed, yelling "For the Archmage!"

Dave recovers and stabs a spider with her shortsword, shaking it; Hayes produces another turnip from somewhere and hurls it at the shaken spider hard enough to kill it. Dave turns to the next horse-sized spider and calls in drow: "Sit!" Surprisingly, the spider obeys.

"I'm glad you're making friends," calls the hard-pressed Kowalski, "But could I get a little help here?"

Dave readies her bow and obligingly kills the spider chewing on Kowalski's armour. Hayes, meanwhile, wanders off the the left rear corner of the guardroom, where there is a bed and a footlocker, which he loots methodically, ignoring the fighting around him. Soreth picks her drow up gently by the throat, and says she'll kill her unless she calls off the spiders. She croaks something in drow, and the spiders stand down.

Kowalski says, "This is MY spider, do not kick, bash, poison, cause harm to, blast with magic or kill it." He then jumps acrobatically onto its back as if he'd done that before, and sits atop his spider, monarch of all he surveys.

The Fox finds himself in a corridor flanked by statues, and overtakes the fleeing drow, skewering her as she is about to dive sideways into a chamber of some sort on his right. Several things now happen at once; first, another drow and a spider charge out of a chamber on the left. Second, the Fox notices that the corridor opens out into a larger one, which recedes farther than he can see into the distance, and is flanked all the way by armed skeletons, standing upright and ready for combat in a way that they usually don't. Third, he hears a soft thunderclap from the room to his right. Finally, something disturbing attracts his attention – no-one else can see what it is, but they do hear his cry: "I work for Kowalski! Don't kill me!"

Outside the entrance, a drow suddenly appears in the downpour, holding a struggling Casila, and whistles, presumably to call her riding spider. Acting with his usual fluid grace, Ssh'ta shoots her with his bow, staggering and wounding her. Soreth slams her captive into the table and really does bite her throat out this time. Hayes, now manic, charges through the confusion and hits the drow from an angle, spinning her around; she falls into the mud, Casila falls on top of her, then Hayes falls on top of both of them, not caring much for either. With his free hand, Hayes pulls another turnip from somewhere and readies it. X7-09 follows him faithfully.

Kowalski tries to intimidate his spider, and predictably fails, as it is roughly four times his weight. Ssh'ta shoots it, causing it to rear and throw Kowalski into a nearby brazier. Ssh'ta shoots the spider beside the Fox and he charges the remaining drow, killing her too. The skeletons appear unbothered by this.

Outside, Dave seizes Casila's arm and drags her out of the dogpile – but then the drow reaches out a hand and grabs her by the ankle…

Episode 2: The Lady Vanishes

The Fox decides to check on Casila in the inn, and ignoring the door leaps acrobatically through the window. Scuttling around the inn, he discovers that Casila has vanished.

Meanwhile, X7-09 attempts to repair their drow prisoner. This makes her injuries worse, if anything. Soreth is gorging herself on still-twitching spiders and gathering up the loot. Hayes is methodically stripping leather from the dead drow and using it to reinforce his shield. "Dave" is still tied up in the courtyard, eyes glowing red. Hayes offers to release Dave if she promises not to hurt the drow, at least not yet, they need some answers. Dave explains that she can't do that, the prisoner must die.

Kowalski uses some drow leather armour offcuts to fashion a slave collar for the prisoner. He then proceeds to persuade Dave that the drow is now his slave, and therefore his property. Therefore, she is not a prisoner and Dave is under no compunction to kill her. Dave goes to the stables, where the drow is sitting semi-conscious with her back to the inside wall, and sits down next to the prisoner – er, sorry, slave. "Hello," she says brightly, back to her usual cheerful self. Hayes tightens the slave's ropes with the express intention of making them more painful. X7-09 decides that the slave's main problem is a damaged leg, so he should change it for a spare – there are a number of those in the courtyard. Kowalski slaps X7-09's head and says "Bad construct!"

"Let me try," says Dave. "I know healing." Apparently not as well as she thought, though, as her ministrations have no effect.

Hayes wanders over to the inn and makes for the kitchen. Having failed to find Casila himself, the Fox lifts one of the halfling waiters off the ground and shakes him, asking where Casila went.

"Mindin' my own business I was," the halfling explains, "When I 'ears a thunderclap and a shriek behind me, and I turns round, see, and there's this drow standin' next to 'er. 'E grabs 'er, there's another thunderclap, and boom! They's both gorn. Right into thin air."

"Teleportation magic," calls Hayes from the kitchen, where he is now sulking.

The Fox asks the halflings for a bucket, and uses it to retrieve water from the courtyard well, intending to wash the blood and spider ichor off his clothes.

Dave calls to the Fox that the slave is bleeding out. The Fox persuades one of the halflings, who knows a little first aid, to come and help by the simple expedient of paying her 20 silver. At first she balks at healing a drow, but is persuaded by the explanation that they only need her patched up temporarily so she can be interrogated.

X7-09 sets about disassembling the dead drow, and proudly approaches Hayes with a load of brains, hearts and legs. "Master," he announces, "Spare parts for Dave-type drow construct." (Later, he will decide they are too heavy and abandon them.)

X7-09 and Kowalski glare at each other. Hayes returns from the inn and pats X7-09 on the head. "You did well," he says. X7-09 smiles. Entering the stable, Hayes states flatly:

"We gain nothing by letting you live, and nothing by killing you. Sway the balance."

After a moment's thought, the drow asks what they want to know.

"Why did you attack?" Dave asks.

"The patrol leader told us to come here and capture the girl travelling with you. I don't know why, you do not question the patrol leader's orders."

"Where is the patrol leader?"

After a moment's thought, the drow continues. "Just outside town there is a forest glade with an old tomb in it. We live there at the moment. I can take you to it if you let me go." She gives some basic directions. (Dave intuits that the drow can expect to be killed out of hand if she returns a failure, but if the party kills the rest of the patrol first…)

"How many drow are there in the tomb?"

In for a penny… "Not counting me and the ones you've killed, there are eight left."

Kowalski now offers the drow a choice: She can get Casila out of the tomb without any violence and go free, she can become his slave, or they can kill her out of hand. If she doesn't pick option one, the party will kill all her family, or sisters in arms, or whatever they are.

"Works for me," the drow smiles. "Can I go now?"

"That's not enough to free you," Kowalski says. "What else have you got?"

The drow looks down at her bonds. "I've more rope than I need at the moment," she says. "How about that?"

They agree that if they unbind her legs, the drow will lead them to the tomb – but under cover of fussing with the ropes, Hayes breaks her neck.

"Damn it, Hayes," Kowalkski mutters. "That was my slave."

"She started it," Hayes justifies.

While this is going on, Dave has moved to the caravanserai's main gate and challenges the Fox an impromptu dance-off. He declines, but Kowalski accepts.

"Shall we head out to slaughter some heathens?" Hayes asks, to general agreement. The Fox, who is a noble and knows how to ride, leaps onto the nearest horse and leads the column off, mounted.

"His name is Susan," the Fox states, "And he wants you to respect his life choices."

Off they go into the woods. At night. In search of dark elves. Who can see them coming. Dave, at least, has the sense to stick to the tree line, following her ranger training. Here, she bumps into Ssh'ta, who is meditating in the woods.

Hayes pulls a turnip out of his bag and lights it as an impromptu torch.* Ssh'ta begins playing his flute happily. It is at this point that Kowalski, who as a dwarf can still see pretty well, says:

"There is a giant insect about 20 yards in front of us."

The party has encountered the picket guarding the route to the tomb, consisting of two drow and two giant spider mounts. The spiders chitter – X7-09 chitters back – and the party forms up in a skirmish line, as they have clearly been spotted. X7-09 runs down his target priority list (the player actually did this, starting with all the other PCs) until he gets to giant spiders, then literally runs at one of them screaming. His target spider bites ferociously, but fails to penetrate the armour. A phenomenally lucky hit kills it outright, splattering Kowalski with spider parts and ichor for the second time that night. Ssh'ta languidly pulls out a bow, flips his flute lazily into the quiver, and shoots one of the drow, killing her in a gory and cinematic fashion. The other drow, now outnumbered six to one by what can only be described as "combat monsters", leaps to the saddle of her giant spider and flees.

The Fox spurs his horse in pursuit, and miraculously fails to run into, trip over, or fall into anything. His rapier thrust is less impressive than attacks so far, but suffices, and the spider collapses. Its rider perforce leaps from the saddle.
Dave fires an arrow at the surviving drow, and she staggers, shaken. Although pierced by an arrow, she continues to move towards the tomb entrance, which is now tantalisingly close. Ssh'ta steps forward to adjust the range, and cuts her down with a well-placed arrow.

The party form up around the bodies, and look into the tomb entrance in the flickering light of their burning turnip. Within is a small room, perhaps 30' by 15', with three other exits…

Episode 1: Inn Trouble

It's the evening before the Caravan of Two Lanterns departs Old Town bound for Concord, and the PCs are gathered in The Cauldron, a caravanserai inn on the outskirts of Old Town which is one of the few with ceilings high enough for humans – Old Town is dominated by halflings. As is natural over ale and food, those who will be companions for a few days exchange the usual questions; who are you, why are you going to Concord, that kind of thing.

The Fox is a well-dressed human, clearly of some breeding, and carrying two rapiers. He explains that he is an agent of the Archmage, travelling on Imperial business. He further states that Ssh'ta, the wood elf archer, asked him to tell "Dave" that he isn't dead, he's just fed up of high elves and wants some time to himself.

Soreth says, "I'm a dragonborn. What are YOU gonna do about it?" She orders a raw steak, and shortly begins berating the waiters. "How long does it take to cook a raw steak, eh?"

Kowalski mumbles that he is a dwarf, wanted by dwarven police due to a misunderstanding over the ownership of some axes, and he finds it convenient to travel for a while.

"Dave", who is actually a female dark elf, identifies herself cheerfully and says she is travelling with her companion, Casila. Casila says nothing, but looks withdrawn, brooding and somewhat the worse for wear, shrinking away from "Dave" a little but nonetheless sitting with her.

Hayes, who wandered into the kitchen for a while and returns munching on something, says that he doesn't know who he is, who they are, where he is or what he's doing there, or why he has a ticket to Concord. By his tone and mannerisms he clearly has a lot of repressed anger. X7-09 introduces itself as a construct following Hayes, who it has tentatively designated its new master. "Master repairs X7-09," it states, although Hayes shows no sign of remembering this.

The innkeeper informs them that there are three others booked on the caravan, but he has been told not to expect them tonight. He confirms the Fox's information on Ssh'ta, and goes on to say that Boris has been arrested – he doesn't know the details – and a very good-looking lady bard, whose name he doesn't know, is trying to persuade the sheriff and the plaintiffs to drop the charges.

At this point, screams are heard from outside, and the party grabs its weapons and charges out, "Dave" telling Casila to stay put. Emerging into the late afternoon, they find themselves facing the stables and a squad of drow spider cavalry who are on the stable roof and charge down into the courtyard, leaving three of their number on the roof. The party shakes out into a rough skirmish line and prepares to receive the charge.

A short, furious melee erupts. Ordinary drow cavalrymen in leather with spears are, it turns out, no match for tooled-up adventurers, even when riding giant spiders. Initially, Hayes shield-bashes a charging spider, forcing its rider to fall forward across its head. X7-09 seems hesitant at first, but hacks doughtily away, and follows Hayes when he breaks contact and moves around the drow's right flank. "Dave" moves up the stairs outside the inn to get a better line of sight, calling something in drow – the assailants ignore her – and shooting her bow at the rooftop officers. Soreth is bitten by a spider, but shrugs off the poison, and hits it so hard that chitin and ichor splatter all over Kowalski, killing it outright. Kowalski fails to hit the spider in front of him, which is not being at all co-operative. The Fox, meanwhile, taunts the spearman who missed him: "My grandmother can handle a spear better than that!"

Hayes lines up on the rearmost drow and charges to shield-bash that one too; it staggers backwards, trips over a dead spider, and hurtles towards Kowalski, who barely manages to dodge this unusal incoming missile. Hayes then orders X7-09 up onto the roof to seize one of the drow officers and bring her to him; it obeys, runs to the stable wall, and scrambles up it. The Fox runs his opponent through with a devastating thrust. "Dave" moves up adjacent to that duel on the inn roof, and fires down into the drow's spider, skewering it; unfortunately it is flattened to the ground, and Soreth's mighty sweep misses it as a result. The stable-roof drow gang up on X7-09, but fail to inflict any damage on it.

"Is that a longsword?" Hayes wonders aloud, glancing at the fight on the roof. "They're worth a bit, they are."

By this point only one drow, and no spiders, are left alive in the courtyard; one of the three officers on the roof barks an order, and they start to fall back. As the survivor in the courtyard turns to run, he is hacked down by Kowalski and Soreth, despite cries from Hayes to take him alive for interrogation. X7-09 manages to push one of the withdrawing officers off the stable roof; she rolls with the impact with the parapet, but is severely injured and winded by the fall; things only get worse when Hayes runs up and jumps on her in a vertical shield bash. He quickly disarms her and hands the weapons to X7-09, then ties her up. "Dave" considers a called shot to the drow's head, but instead opts to run down the stairs and charge her, screaming something in drow. The Fox tries to trip her and misses, Kowalski tries a rugby tackle and misses, but X7-09 steps forward and grabs her, hoisting the struggling drow off the ground while Hayes berates and threatens her.

Taking advantage of the confusion, their prisoner – bound hand and foot and much the worse for wear – crawls off into the stables, looking for something to cut herself free with, and planning to escape up the ladder to the roof and away. Unfortunately Hayes notices and follows her into the stables. No-one can see what happens next, but the sound is much like a very large bar of soap in a sock hitting flesh.

The party gazes around them, panting in the setting sun. They have possession of the field of battle, a dozen or so mixed drow and giant spider corpses, and an unconscious drow prisoner. Someone says, "Shouldn't we check on Casila?" – and all eyes turn towards the inn door.

Episode 0: The Unusual Suspects
Who's Who

Who are the Heroes?

Character Race Player
Soreth Dragonborn Mushtees
X709 Forgeborn Mattdawn
  Human Warboar
"Dave" Dark Elf Peaslj
The Fox Human Luke
Hayes Agar Human Turalio
Kowalski Dwarf Kowalski
Ssh'ta Raincaller Wood Elf  
Boris High Elf Tenchi

What Do They Think of Each Other?

The party includes different kinds of elves, humans, dwarves, a forgeborn and a dragonborn. Relationships between those races are coloured by two past wars, one ancient and one recent, and by draconic stereotypes.

The ancient war was between the Wizard King and a coalition of humans, elves and dwarves. The coalition won a glorious victory, and though that was long ago now, humans have got on well with elves and dwarves ever since.

The recent war was between dwarves and elves. It's not clear who released mutagenic poisons during the underground fighting between the dwarves and the dark elves, but they made the dwarven homelands uninhabitable and the dark elves insane. Dark elves have been out of favour in the Elf Queen's court ever since, and other elves shun them. Dwarves and elves are still technically at war, but the current truce has lasted for generations, and there's no reason for either side to break it.

Dragonborn are rare compared to other races. People expect them to be like the draconic icon closest to their colour – they'll see gold ones as wise and good, black ones as sneaky and evil, red ones as violent and evil, and blue ones as confusing – I mean, the Blue is evil, but she's also an Imperial governor; what's going on there?

The Forgeborn were created by the dwarves as slave soldiers for the war against the dark elves. They are rare compared to other races. People expect them to be capable fighters, single-minded, and unemotional. Often they have no names; they don’t see the need.


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