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This campaign uses the rules of Savage Worlds Deluxe and the setting of 13th Age.

Available races: Avion (aka holy one or aasimar), dwarf, elf, forgeborn, half-elf, half-folk, half-orc, human, saurian. Forgeborn (aka warforged or dwarf-forged) may either be created as androids, or as humans who replace their free edge with the Construct monstrous ability. To build a draconic character (aka dragonspawn, dragonborn), start with a saurian and add Arcane Background: Magic with the bolt or burst power to represent your breath weapon.

Rav'Malak: These flying humanoids consider themselves angels who serve the Creed of Pytus, god of heat and healing. Racial Hindrances: Arrogant, Delusion (I'm an angel), Smarts capped at d6. Racial Edges: Attractive, Brawny, Flight, Natural Weapon (wing buffet, Str + d6), Pace 10.

Sentient Chamaeleon: Only one of these creatures is known. Racial Hindrances: Size -2. Racial Edges: Free d6 in Stealth, Keen Vision, Wall Walker.

Available arcane backgrounds: Magic, miracles. Any power is available to either background.

One unique thing: Each character has one thing that makes it unique. This cannot give you any mechanical advantage in the game. Examples:

  • "My eyes were unjustly put out in the elf queen's court, so she replaced them with magic opals."
  • "I am invisible to the Archmage."
  • "I am the only elf with human ears."

Icon relationships: There are 13 iconic NPCs in the setting (see Icons). Each character has 3 relationship dice, reflecting his connections with iconic NPCs. Specify how many dice you allocate to a relationship with one or more icons, what they represent, and whether each relationship is positive, negative or conflicted. At the end of each session you roll the relationship dice; each 6 means your relationship helps you somehow in the next session, each 5 means your relationship helps you but at a cost.

Example: "I have two dice in a conflicted relationship with the Diabolist, because I used to work for her until my conscience got the better of me. I know useful things about her organisation – things she would rather no-one found out. I also have one point in a positive relationship with the Emperor, because my father served the Empire faithfully for years, and I occasionally get some grudging help from the Imperial bureaucracy for his sake."

The GM uses your icon relationships and your one unique thing to generate the overall story arc and the individual adventures; choose something interesting!

Character Creation

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