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Dwardel is an average-sized town, covering about 40 acres (16 hectares) and with a population of some 2,500. It is more or less halfway along the road from Glitterhaegen to Anvil, which runs north to south through town, and has a side road leading east to the Artalin family's main estate at Marblehall, roughly 10 miles away.

The local economy depends on the Artalins; half the population work on or for the estate, the other half support the extensive trade between them and the dwarves at Anvil.

The town is not walled, relying on the wealth and influence of the Artalins for protection, but it does have a town guard of a couple of dozen men. There are three small churches to various gods.


The Giant's Flagon Inn. There are half-a-dozen taverns where you can buy beer in town, but only one inn where you can rent a room. Now run by Casila Artalin's best friend Amberlith. If you can empty the Giant's Flagon in one draught, your meal is on the house.

The Dwarven Brewery. Source of most of the town's ale, run by Fullangr the dwarf, who hates undead as they killed most of his family.

Lucius the Apothecary. More of an alchemist really, a good place to buy or sell magical components, potions and so on.

The Artalin Factor's Office. The Artalin family's main presence in the town; officially the mayor is in charge, but he does nothing without consulting the Factor, currently Casila's cousin and great friend, Octavian. She remembers him as clever, observant, with a head for business even as a child – no doubt that is why he is the factor now.


The dwarven brewery is haunted.

People keep disappearing from nearby villages. Sometimes their bodies are found, mutilated as if by some large animal; sometimes they are not.

Ever since the Archmage visited Marblehall in the time of our grandfathers, any cow born in the North Pasture comes out bright blue and able to speak in the tongues of men and elves. (Casila says this just something the locals tell gullible travellers for a laugh.)


The town covers an area of approximately 41 acres (16 hectares).

Trades: Bakers 2, barbers 5, bathers 2, beer-sellers 1, blacksmiths 2, bleachers 1, bookbinders 1, booksellers 1, buckle makers 2, butchers 2, carpenters 1, chandlers 4, chicken butchers 1, coopers 4, copyists 0, cutlers 0, doctors 1, fishmongers 2, furriers 10, glovemakers 1, harness-makers 1, hatmakers 3, hay merchants 0, illuminators 1, inns 1, jewelers 4, locksmiths 0, magic shops 1, maidservants 10, masons 7, mercers 1, old clothes 3, painters 2, pastrycooks 7, plasterers 1, pursemakers 2, roofers 2, ropemakers 1, rugmakers 1, saddlers 1, scabbardmakers 2, sculptors 0, shoemakers 11, spice merchants 1, tailors 8, tanners 1, taverns 5, watercarriers 2, weavers 1, wine-sellers 2, woodcarvers 1, woodsellers 1.

The town has 13 noble houses. The peace is kept by 23 guardsmen, and there are 4 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 31 clergymen and 3 priests.


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