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Every bard and sage has a different version of history. Here are the few things they agree on:

We are now in the 13th Age since the Dragon Empire was founded. Each age is several hundred years long, but the exact duration varies. Each age begins as civilisation recovers from a catastrophe, lasts a few centuries, and ends in a new and different apocalypse.

The legends that survive from age to age are about the Icons and their heroes. Most Icons represent powers that resurface in each age; the age is defined by which Icons are the least and most successful.

The 1st Age began when a coalition of humans, elves, dwarves and the Orc Lord overthrew the Wizard King, reached its apogee with the founding and growth of the Dragon Empire, and ended when the Giants overthrew the Dwarf King and the Emperor, sacking both their capital cities.

At some point after the end of the 1st Age, the Wizard King returned in the form of the Lich King.

The 12th Age ended in a plague; some say the Diabolist was responsible.

This 13th Age is special, because the Priestess is a completely new Icon, the Crusader is either new or has woken up on the Dark Side by mistake,  there hasn't been an Orc Lord since the 1st Age, and no one can remember the last time there was a High Druid inside the Empire.


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