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The Multiple Languages setting rule is in force; Player Characters speak their native language, plus as many more as half their Smarts die type. A PC with the Linguist Edge speaks as many languages as his Smarts die type and can make himself understood in any language he has been exposed to for at least one week with a Smarts-2 roll.

Example: A PC with Smarts d8 speaks 1 + 8/2 = 5 languages. If he had the Linguist Edge he would speak 8 languages.

Dialects of the same language are mutually intelligible with a Smarts-2 roll. Example: A high elf could understand a statement made in Undercommon with a successful Smarts roll at a -2 penalty.

Languages change over time, so understanding your own language as it was spoken in an earlier Age requires a Smarts roll with a penalty equal to the number of Ages which have elapsed since then. Example:  A character from the 13th Age who speaks Common finds a diary written in Common in the 9th Age. He can understand it with a successful Smarts roll at a -4 penalty, since 13 – 9 = 4.

Table of Languages

Language Typical Speakers Script
Celestial Good deities, their servants and priests. Celestial
Common Humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs. Most undead were human originally and so speak Common. All Player Characters must take Common as one of their languages. Common
Draconic Dragons, dragonborn, kobolds, lizardmen. Books of arcane lore are usually written in Draconic, so most wizards speak it. Draconic
Dwarvish Dwarves, duergar. Forgeborn are dwarven constructs and so speak Dwarvish to understand their masters. Dwarvish
Elvish High elves, wood elves. Undercommon is a dialect of Elvish. Elvish
Giant Ogres, giants.  Dwarvish
Goblin Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears. Dwarvish
Infernal Demons, devils. Infernal
Orcish Orcs. Dwarvish
Primordial Elementals. Dwarvish
Spidertalk The more intelligent kind of giant spider. Characters need a good justification for knowing this language. No written form known
Sylvan Fey Elvish
Undercommon Drow. Undercommon is a dialect of Elvish. Elvish.

Other languages exist, and as they become relevant this table will be expanded.


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